The Guardians of Shambhala, or better known as the Guardians, are a group of warriors fueled with the powers of the Chinese Zodiac. Each guardian represents one of the zodiac and is able to use the abilities of that zodiac, and in time learn how to master the other zodiacs powers.

All that is known about Shambhala is that it is said to be located at the center of the universe, allowing the rulers of Shambhala and the Guardians to observe the many worlds within Infinity for any imbalance. Shambhala is also known as the Heart of Infiniy. The leaders of Shambhala are known as the Council of Shambhala, beings from different worlds, not just Shambhala, that are chosen for their power to help preserve the order of the universe. Even former guardians are admitted into the council and are able to manipulate the energy of Shambhala.

Shambhala is the sole source of the Guardians powers. The infinite magic of Shambhala is linked with the Guardians Aura Mirrors, the guardians source of power, and can transend through the infinte worlds and reach the Heart of Shambhala, allowing the Guardians to transform no matter where they are.

Council of ShambhallaEdit

Talismans of ShambhalaEdit

Former GuardiansEdit

Previous Guardians
Adrian Matthew Cassie Melodia
Narcissa Rafael Melinda Gordon Selena
Lucas Julian Elijah Quanah

Current Generation
Raymond Halliwell Octavio Halliwell Terrence Halliwell Rika Halliwell
Drake Halliwell Samuel Halliwell Holly Halliwell Sandra Halliwell
Marcus Halliwell Rex Halliwell Derek Halliwell Prue Halliwell